48: Is Easter a Pagan Holiday?

This episode is a part of the mini-series on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Herein Kenny examines the historical nature and historical evolution of the holiday that we now called Easter [...]

43: Is Judas in Heaven or Hell?

There are a variety of theories surrounding Judas, the disciple whom betrayed Jesus. Sometimes the question arises: Is Judas in heaven or hell? Most Christians assume that Judas is in hell, but [...]

39: Why Do We Go to Church on Sundays?

In this short episode, Kenny answers the question as to why we attend church services on Sundays opposed to any other day of the week. The Bible encourages us to meet with other believers on a [...]

37: Was Jesus Human or God?

Orthodox Christianity holds to high Christology, meaning we believe that Christ is “higher” than other beings, not just a good human. We believe that Jesus was both fully human and [...]

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