130: Was Job Suicidal?

Suicide is a controversial topic, as well as a sensitive one for many people, therefore we ought to not be flippant as we dialogue about the subject. With that stated, we know that suicidal [...]

129: Does The Bible Support Slavery?

Some people claim that the Bible supports slavery; or that it does not say enough in condemning the institution of slavery. Are those people right? In addition, many of those same people claim [...]

124: Is Gambling a Sin?

Gambling, card games, sports betting, games of luck or chance, poker tournaments, and even raffles. These are all forms of contests that have been labeled as “gambling” by many [...]

123: Did Jesus Have Siblings?

Did Jesus have physical siblings? If so, wouldn’t that prove that Mary was not a virgin for her entire life? And, if that is the case, why do Catholics still refer to her as the [...]

115: Are Tattoos Wrong?

In this episode, our host Kenny answers the question “Are Tattoos Wrong?” He reminds us that God did indeed command the Jewish people in the Old Testament to refrain from tattoos, but [...]