236: Is Yoga Okay for Christians?

Recently, a regular listener sent Kenny an email asking about Yoga, and whether or not it is okay for Christians to practice it. Yoga is the traditionally Hindu theistic philosophy and ascetic [...]


235: Why Does Jesus Give Us “Glory”? (Examining John 17:22)

In this episode, Kenny responds to an email from a regular listener asking about the word “glory” and its definition in relation to how Jesus refers to it in John 17:22. In the [...]


234: Can We Pray for “Whatever We Want”?

At face value, prayer seems to be one of the simplest and most powerful disciplines that any Christian can engage in. Prayer is an incredible privilege! We have the opportunity to talk with and [...]


233: Differences Between Conservatives and Liberals

In this episode, Kenny dives into the terms “conservative” and “liberal” explaining what they literally mean, and more importantly, explaining how those terms are utilized [...]


232: What is Heterodoxy?

Within Christian theology, heterodoxy has typically been explained as any Biblical interpretations or Christian doctrines that are different from the official or orthodox positions of the church [...]


231: What is Heresy? How Should Churches Deal with Heretics?

Traditionally, heresy has been said to be any belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious dogma and is profoundly at odds with what has generally been accepted. In this episode, Kenny [...]


230: What is an Evangelical Christian?

With the popularity of non-orthodox Christian theology and modern liberal ideology growing within contemporary Christian circles, there has been a need to label or identify those specific [...]


229: What is Christian Fundamentalism?

Since the middle of the 1800’s theological liberalism has become an influential movement and a part of mainstream thought within many churches, seminaries, and denominations throughout [...]