About Theology For the Rest of Us

What is the Podcast All About?

The Theology for the Rest of Us Podcast is designed to be a resource for any person who just wants to learn more about God.

Far too often many of our church leaders are way too complex when speaking about God, making theology topics too hard to understand.

This show gives quick and simple answers to some of the tough questions about God that people often ask. Here is the first episode of the podcast that gives a thorough explanation of the format and goals of the podcast.

Meet the Host

Kenny Ortiz is the founder and host of Theology For the Rest of Us podcast. He is an author, international speaker, and he is the Director of Bethany Teams as well as the founder of 4thFloor Media. He has more than 15 years of pastoral ministry and church leadership experience. Kenny loves studying and discussing theology. He’s an avid reader, Disney enthusiast, history buff, and coffee lover. He is also the co-host of several other podcasts. Learn more about Kenny at his personal website www.kennethortiz.com.

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