244: Will People From All Denominations Go to Heaven?

In this episode, Kenny answers the question: Will people from all Christian denominations go to heaven, or will only certain ones, with the right doctrine, be saved in the end? This can be a [...]


232: What is Heterodoxy?

Within Christian theology, heterodoxy has typically been explained as any Biblical interpretations or Christian doctrines that are different from the official or orthodox positions of the church [...]


231: What is Heresy? How Should Churches Deal with Heretics?

Traditionally, heresy has been said to be any belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious dogma and is profoundly at odds with what has generally been accepted. In this episode, Kenny [...]


229: What is Christian Fundamentalism?

Since the middle of the 1800’s theological liberalism has become an influential movement and a part of mainstream thought within many churches, seminaries, and denominations throughout [...]


219: How to Know if Someone is Truly Saved?

There are many people who claim that they are Christians, but is it possible to determine if they truly are Christians? Can you know if they are genuine followers of Jesus? Have they truly been [...]


207: Why is God Allowed to Break His Own Rules?

Often, critics of Christianity challenge the idea that “God is good” because it seems that God does things that He has told us not to do. Some people even claim that God is a moral [...]


188: If Someone Commits Suicide, Will They Go to Hell?

Suicide is a sensitive and sobering topic. Many people know someone who has committed suicide. Many Christians have asked, if someone commits suicide, will they go directly to hell? Or is there a [...]


187: Are Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses Cults?

Two of the most well-known non-orthodox faiths in American today are the Mormons and the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Most evangelical Christians would label these faiths as “cults” and [...]


157: Is God a Moral Monster? with Tyler Vela

Many atheists and secular progressives have sought to attack Christianity and undermine the integrity of the New Testament’s message by pointing out things that God has done things [...]


154: The Importance of Apologetics with Jason Ladd

There are many questions in the arenas of faith and spirituality. Many people wrestle with a variety of faith-related ideas, and there is no shortage of sources and outlets in the world giving [...]

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