237: Are the Jews Still God’s People?

In this episode, Kenny covers the topic of “replacement” theology, which is the term that Dispensationalists use when they are referring to concept that the Jews are no longer [...]


233: Differences Between Conservatives and Liberals

In this episode, Kenny dives into the terms “conservative” and “liberal” explaining what they literally mean, and more importantly, explaining how those terms are utilized [...]


232: What is Heterodoxy?

Within Christian theology, heterodoxy has typically been explained as any Biblical interpretations or Christian doctrines that are different from the official or orthodox positions of the church [...]


231: What is Heresy? How Should Churches Deal with Heretics?

Traditionally, heresy has been said to be any belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious dogma and is profoundly at odds with what has generally been accepted. In this episode, Kenny [...]


218: Should We Approach a Heretic in Our Church?

Dealing with heresies and dealing with those individuals whom espouse heresies is something that the church has been dealing with since the church’s inception. In this episode, Kenny [...]


208: What Does it Mean to be “Orthodox”?

In this episode, Kenny explains the concept of being “orthodox” and why we ought to evaluate the beliefs that were embraced by previous generations of Christians.


202: Holy Spirit in the OT vs. Holy Spirit in the NT

The Holy Spirit is often discussed and disputed by many Evangelical Christians. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead, and He plays a vital role in our lives. As we evaluate the [...]


61: If Martin Luther Was Antisemitic, Why Do You Praise Him?

Throughout the course of the podcast’s history thus far, Kenny has mentioned, quoted, and even praised Martin Luther several times. However, history tells us that Martin Luther was [...]


56: If the Reformation Caused Division, Why Was it a Good Thing?

In a previous episode of the podcast, episode 35: Why Are There So Many Different Denominations?, a regular listener of the podcast made this comment: “[You described] the Reformation as [...]


48: Is Easter a Pagan Holiday?

This episode is a part of the mini-series on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Herein Kenny examines the historical nature and historical evolution of the holiday that we now called Easter [...]

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