245: Should We Judge Preachers Based on Theology?

A frequent (and tragic) trend in modern American Evangelicalism is the devaluing of the importance of quality doctrine and theology. This is evident in many ways in contemporary American [...]


237: Are the Jews Still God’s People?

In this episode, Kenny covers the topic of “replacement” theology, which is the term that Dispensationalists use when they are referring to concept that the Jews are no longer [...]


230: What is an Evangelical Christian?

With the popularity of non-orthodox Christian theology and modern liberal ideology growing within contemporary Christian circles, there has been a need to label or identify those specific [...]


218: Should We Approach a Heretic in Our Church?

Dealing with heresies and dealing with those individuals whom espouse heresies is something that the church has been dealing with since the church’s inception. In this episode, Kenny [...]


214: Should We Get Angry When We’re Labeled Bigots for Our View on Homosexual Behavior?

Contemporary western society is becoming increasingly more hostile towards the Gospel and increasingly more accepting of alternative lifestyles. People who stand for traditional Biblical morality [...]


208: What Does it Mean to be “Orthodox”?

In this episode, Kenny explains the concept of being “orthodox” and why we ought to evaluate the beliefs that were embraced by previous generations of Christians.


191: How to Tell a Friend Their Church is Unbiblical?

In this episode, Kenny answers a question from a regular listener about talking to friends who may be a part of a church that is preaching heresy or being unfaithful to Biblical texts. In [...]


181: Should Doctrine Impact How You Choose A Church?

Many people have faced the choice: Which church should my family and I attend? When we are faced with this question, there are many elements that impact and influence our decision. In this [...]


176: What About Deborah?

Quite often whenever the topic of women in ministry comes up, defenders of the egalitarian position mention the Old Testament judge Deborah. Some people believe that God’s allowance of a [...]


174: Should Women Be Allowed to Be Pastors?

There has been a relatively recent phenomenon within modern church movements to open the office of elder/pastor to women. While this was not the historical norm of churches, it has become [...]

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