242: Is There Such a Thing as “The One” Person to Marry?

Romantic relationships can be complicated, even under the best of circumstances, but they get even more complicated when flawed philosophies and bad theology are thrown into the mix. One of the [...]


240: Is the United States a Christian Nation?

In response to an email from a regular listener which included a question about the mixture of Christian theology and American nationalism. Some Christians claim that the USA is a [...]


237: Are the Jews Still God’s People?

In this episode, Kenny covers the topic of “replacement” theology, which is the term that Dispensationalists use when they are referring to concept that the Jews are no longer [...]


236: Is Yoga Okay for Christians?

Recently, a regular listener sent Kenny an email asking about Yoga, and whether or not it is okay for Christians to practice it. Yoga is the traditionally Hindu theistic philosophy and ascetic [...]


233: Differences Between Conservatives and Liberals

In this episode, Kenny dives into the terms “conservative” and “liberal” explaining what they literally mean, and more importantly, explaining how those terms are utilized [...]


230: What is an Evangelical Christian?

With the popularity of non-orthodox Christian theology and modern liberal ideology growing within contemporary Christian circles, there has been a need to label or identify those specific [...]


229: What is Christian Fundamentalism?

Since the middle of the 1800’s theological liberalism has become an influential movement and a part of mainstream thought within many churches, seminaries, and denominations throughout [...]


227: Is Oral Sex Sinful?

The most frequent questions that Kenny gets (both from podcast listeners as well as from some of the young people that he has mentored) are typically related to the topic of sex. One frequently [...]


226: Is Nudity Always Sinful?

Multiple times throughout his ministry career and throughout his correspondence with regular listeners of the podcast, Kenny has been asked about nudity in media, in the arts, and in our society [...]


222: Should Women Always Be “Stay-at-Home” Moms?

The traditional role of mothers throughout human history has been to have their primary focus to be on child rearing and home making. However, modern feminism has changed that throughout Western [...]

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