210: Why Am I Against the Death Penalty?

Typically, American Evangelicals are conservative in their theology and conservative in their politics as well. That means that most American Evangelicals support the typical conservative [...]


195: How Should We Respond to Euthanasia?

Euthanasia and assisted suicide are growing in popularity throughout Western cultures. In this episode, Kenny address the ideology behind euthanasia and the “culture of death” that is [...]


156: What is “Soul Sleep?” Is it Biblical?

The concept of “soul sleep” is the idea that humans are completely unconscious or unaware of their surroundings between their physical death and the end of this age when the dead are [...]


130: Was Job Suicidal?

Suicide is a controversial topic, as well as a sensitive one for many people, therefore we ought to not be flippant as we dialogue about the subject. With that stated, we know that suicidal [...]


127: Is It Okay For Christians to Be Cremated?

In this episode, Kenny answers the questions whether or not it is okay for Christians to be cremated; or is it sinful. As with many topics, Kenny tells us that asking about whether or not it is [...]


43: Is Judas in Heaven or Hell?

There are a variety of theories surrounding Judas, the disciple whom betrayed Jesus. Sometimes the question arises: Is Judas in heaven or hell? Most Christians assume that Judas is in hell, but [...]