244: Will People From All Denominations Go to Heaven?

In this episode, Kenny answers the question: Will people from all Christian denominations go to heaven, or will only certain ones, with the right doctrine, be saved in the end? This can be a [...]


181: Should Doctrine Impact How You Choose A Church?

Many people have faced the choice: Which church should my family and I attend? When we are faced with this question, there are many elements that impact and influence our decision. In this [...]


164: How Should We Decide What is and is Not a “Closed-Hand” Issue?

On every major issue, doctrine, or point of theology, there are a variety of views and perspectives. Even within Protestantism there are many differing opinions and conclusions. In episode 101, [...]


136: What Does It Mean to be Confessional?

In this episode, Kenny answers the question, “What does it mean to be confessional?” In essence, Kenny explains how subscribing to, or fully affirming, an historical confession can be [...]


116: What About Churches that Use Video Preaching?

  Since the late 1990’s, the concept of multi-site/multi-campus churches has grown is great popularity across North America. One model for church “scalability” has been the [...]


101: Is Every Area of Theology of Equal Importance?

Is every area of doctrine important? Or are there areas of doctrine that matter more than others? Yes, every area is important, but not every area of doctrine is of equal importance. Some issues [...]


89: What’s the Difference Between Charismatics and other Christians?

There are a variety of views of the Holy Spirit and how He interacts with believers. There are three main perspectives among modern Evangelical Christians, as well as a fourth minority view. In [...]


61: If Martin Luther Was Antisemitic, Why Do You Praise Him?

Throughout the course of the podcast’s history thus far, Kenny has mentioned, quoted, and even praised Martin Luther several times. However, history tells us that Martin Luther was [...]


60: How to Handle Doctrinal Differences Among Believers? with Jerome Danner

Theology is extremely important because theology impacts how we live our lives. Theology is simply learning more about God. If we refuse to study theology, we are then, in essence, refusing to [...]


57: Why Do So Many Christians Disagree on Doctrine?

There are many different Christian denominations around the globe, with a variety of different theological perspectives. In response to a recent episode, Why Are There So Many Denominations?, one [...]

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