235: Why Does Jesus Give Us “Glory”? (Examining John 17:22)

In this episode, Kenny responds to an email from a regular listener asking about the word “glory” and its definition in relation to how Jesus refers to it in John 17:22. In the [...]


194: Why Were Moses & Elijah Selected to be at Jesus’ Transfiguration?

One of the more unique events of the life of Jesus takes place on a mountainside and is often referred to as the “Transfiguration of Jesus.” In response to two recent emails from [...]


121: What Are Angels? Why Do They Exist?

Throughout the Scriptures we see these supernatural creatures called “angels” highly involved in a variety of things that God is doing with and through His own people. While we [...]


119: Does God Still Speak Through Dreams?

Throughout the Bible we see several moments when God spoke to people through dreams and visions. Does God still do this? Does He still speak to people in this manner? In this episode, Kenny [...]


70: How Does God Determine What is Sin and What is Not Sin?

Sometimes people believe that God seemingly condemns certain things or certain behaviors arbitrarily, randomly, or haphazardly. This is not true. In this episode, Kenny explains that we were [...]


67: Was God Unjust When He Asked Abraham to Kill Isaac?

A somewhat frequently asked question is, “Was God unjust when He asked Abraham to kill his own son Isaac?” Sometimes this question is asked by Bible skeptics as an attack, while other [...]


62: Is it Ever Justified to be Angry at God?

There are many people in the world that claim to be angry at God. That begs the question: Are we ever justified in any such anger towards God? Are there any circumstances that would allow this to [...]


59: Why Didn’t God Just Create Us in Heaven?

It has been asked by inquiring minds, “Why did God create us as humans here on planet Earth? Why not just create us in heaven?” Sometimes this question is rooted in legitimate [...]


58: Why Is God Consumed with His Own Glory?

Sometimes people accuse God of being an egomaniac. People often wonder, “Why Is God Consumed with His Own Glory?” This is a great question that has a very simple Biblical answer. In [...]