234: Can We Pray for “Whatever We Want”?

At face value, prayer seems to be one of the simplest and most powerful disciplines that any Christian can engage in. Prayer is an incredible privilege! We have the opportunity to talk with and [...]


182: How Do We Know that Our Gospel Message is Right and Complete?

In this episode, Kenny addresses a point brought to him by a regular listener about the completion of the New Testament, the authenticity of the Biblical narratives, and the completeness (or [...]


180: Is It Wrong to Want to be God’s Favorite?

In this episode, Kenny answers the question: Is it wrong to want to be God’s favorite person? Kenny answers this question by examining the words of Jesus in Mark 10 when James and John [...]


163: Why Are There Two Different Genealogies of Jesus in the Gospels?

The Jews in the first century were meticulous record keepers, in particular with genealogies. The primary reason this was important was because they were awaiting their Messiah, whom they [...]


135: What is the Unforgivable Sin?

Many people have asked their pastors and church leaders about the topic of the “unpardonable sin” that Jesus talks about in Matthew 12:31-32. In that passage Jesus makes it clear that [...]


108: Are We Always Going to Understand Everything About God?

In the Gospel of John, Jesus uses the term “earthly things” as He is telling the inquiring Nicodemus that some spiritual things are simply just not going to be understood by humans [...]