212: Is It Wrong to Hate Homosexuality?

There has been a moral revolution in America over the last few years, changing how people view homosexuality and other related topics. One recent expectation is the idea of complete [...]


201: Why Do Non-Christians Experience God’s Grace?

Many people claim to experience the grace and presence of God, even those who do not necessarily profess faith in Christ. Is this possible? In response to an email from a regular listener, Kenny [...]


178: Is the Gospel Too Good to Be True? with Ricky Jones

Occasionally, in life, we experience something that is simply so good, and so profoundly in our favor, that we feel like the thing might be too good! Or, when we sense that something is too good, [...]


165: Erik Guzman: Sometimes Our Faith is Messy, And That’s Okay

In this episode, Kenny interviews author and broadcaster Erik Guzman about his new book “The Seed” and they dive into a great discussion about a variety of matters related to [...]


80: Can Gay People Go to Heaven?

A regular listener of the podcast sent in an email asking, “Can gay people go to heaven?” This is a question often asked when people read 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 where it states that a [...]


53: Three Essentials to “Enjoying Jesus” with David Mathis

The now-famous Quaker author Richard Foster wrote a well-know book Celebration of Discipline to discuss the things that we can do to engage with God and grow in our faith. However, our guest on [...]


30: What is “Performance Based” Christianity? with Mike Adams

Jesus didn’t say, “It is MOSTLY Finished!” Of course, most Christians know that Jesus actually proclaimed: “It is finished!” while He was hanging on the cross, but [...]


28: What is Justification?

Justification is the central doctrine at the heart of the Gospel message. Justification is the act of God whereby God chooses to completely remove the guilt sin. Justification was the central [...]