243: Prophecy Revisited

Last year, our host Kenny did a mini-series on the Holy Spirit, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Kenny tackled multiple topics related to the Holy Spirit. One of [...]


202: Holy Spirit in the OT vs. Holy Spirit in the NT

The Holy Spirit is often discussed and disputed by many Evangelical Christians. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead, and He plays a vital role in our lives. As we evaluate the [...]


166: What’s the Difference Between Spiritual Gifts and Natural Talents? with Ken Freire

In this episode, our host Kenny interviews theologian and leadership expert Kenneth Freire about the primary differences between spiritual gifts and natural talents. We all have strengths and [...]


150: What’s the Difference Between Conviction and Condemnation?

Sometimes we feel remorse or guilt for our sinful actions. Is this good or bad? Well, it depends on the source of those feelings and impressions. Sometimes those feelings are coming from the [...]


133: What Does It Mean to Have a Seared Conscience? Is It Irreversible?

What does it mean to have a seared conscience? And, maybe more importantly, is this condition irreversible? Or once you have a seared conscience, is that the final condition of your soul? In this [...]


131: Is Déjà vu a Spiritual Experience?

Déjà vu is a French term that literally means “already seen” and refers to a phenomenon that many people have claimed to experience wherein they experience having a strong sensation [...]


109: Why is the “Fruit of the Spirit” Important? with Matt McAfee

In this episode, Kenny interviews pastor Matt McAfee for a second time. In this interview, Kenny and Matt dive into a conversation about understanding the “fruit of the Spirit” and [...]


104: Why Did the Holy Spirit Descend on Jesus Like a Dove?

  The baptism of Jesus is outlined in all four Gospels, and in each case we are told that the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus like a dove immediately after His baptism. The Bible tells us [...]


98: How to Engage with the Holy Spirit on a Daily Basis? with Matt van Winkle

We believe that every Christian ought to cultivate a relationship with the Holy Spirit; seeking to engage with the Holy Spirit, His supernatural wisdom, His sanctifying power, and the spiritual [...]


97: What Does It Mean that the Holy Spirit “Convicts” the World?

In John 16, Jesus tells us that the Holy Spirit would come into the world and “convict” people in the areas of sin, righteousness, and judgement. What does this mean? In this episode, [...]

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