256: What is “Naturalism”?

Many people claim to be “scientific” or focused on “evidence” when all the while ignoring one important potential genre or stream of evidence, and that is any evidence [...]

198: Is Jesus Omnipresent?

The Bible says that Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father. Does that mean He is stuck only in one place? And if so, does that mean Jesus is not omnipresent? Can Jesus be every where at [...]

153: What About Reincarnation?

Many world religions embrace the concept of reincarnation; but it is a Biblical concept? Does the Bible teach that we will be reborn after we die? In this episode, Kenny makes clear what the [...]

71: Is Mental Illness Caused by Demons?

Topics related to mental illness are very sensitive for many people, therefore it is essential that we have quality Biblical theology around the topic of mental health and related issues. A few [...]