241: When is It Okay to Disobey the Law?

Civil disobedience has long been an effective manner of protest, both in antiquity as well as in contemporary societies. The protests led by Gandhi in India, the American civil rights movement of [...]


240: Is the United States a Christian Nation?

In response to an email from a regular listener which included a question about the mixture of Christian theology and American nationalism. Some Christians claim that the USA is a [...]


239: What Are Natural Rights?

In this episode, Kenny explains the concepts of natural rights and natural law. Kenny compares and contrasts natural rights, that originate from a source that transcends governments, with legal [...]


233: Differences Between Conservatives and Liberals

In this episode, Kenny dives into the terms “conservative” and “liberal” explaining what they literally mean, and more importantly, explaining how those terms are utilized [...]


217: Should A Christian Business Owner Be Forced to Do Business with Gay People?

As a part of an on going mini-series on issues related to homosexuality, Kenny addresses the questions around Christian business owners being forced to serve same-sex weddings, as well as other [...]


210: Why Am I Against the Death Penalty?

Typically, American Evangelicals are conservative in their theology and conservative in their politics as well. That means that most American Evangelicals support the typical conservative [...]


184: Are Christians Obligated to Vote?

There are many people who believe, and publicly assert, that Christians are “obligated” to vote in order to influence the direction of our government. In this episode, Kenny makes [...]


154: The Importance of Apologetics with Jason Ladd

There are many questions in the arenas of faith and spirituality. Many people wrestle with a variety of faith-related ideas, and there is no shortage of sources and outlets in the world giving [...]


151: What is Theonomy & Christian Reconstructionism?

In this episode, Kenny explains and defines the concepts of Theonomy and Christian Restructionism. Theonomy is the idea that Old Testament law should be considered morally binding. Theonomists [...]


128: Is It Okay to Be Proud of My Country?

Many people are proud of their nation, but some people wonder whether or not it is wrong to have any love of country. Others have wondered if they can find a way to take any pride in a nation [...]

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