165: Erik Guzman: Sometimes Our Faith is Messy, And That’s Okay

In this episode, Kenny interviews author and broadcaster Erik Guzman about his new book “The Seed” and they dive into a great discussion about a variety of matters related to [...]


162: Can God Heal Addiction?

Addiction is a very sensitive topic that impacts the lives of many people. People can find themselves being addicted to drugs, sex, alcohol, tobacco, food, gambling, compulsive spending, [...]


140: What is the Covenant of Redemption?

The system and framework of theology which asserts that the covenants are essential to overall hermeneutics (Biblical interpretation) is known as Covenant Theology, and it is typically contrasted [...]


137: What Should We Think of the Jewish People, Being that they Rejected Jesus?

We know that the Jewish people were God’s chosen people, the nation that God chose to use as His instrument to bring forth the Messiah. This is a big deal that cannot be overstated. But [...]


107: Why Did God Wait So Long to Send Jesus to Earth?

  Many people have asked, “Why didn’t God send Jesus to Earth sooner?” It seems that God waited too long. Why did God choose to send Him at that particular time in human [...]


61: If Martin Luther Was Antisemitic, Why Do You Praise Him?

Throughout the course of the podcast’s history thus far, Kenny has mentioned, quoted, and even praised Martin Luther several times. However, history tells us that Martin Luther was [...]


54: What is Sin?

While it may seem like there’s an obvious answer to the question “What is Sin?” our podcast host Kenny feels that many people often miss the real definition of sin. Many people [...]


44: How is Suffering an Opportunity to Know God Better? with Alexis Muscarella

Our special guest in this episode Alexis Muscarella covers the topic of suffering and the importance of viewing suffering as an opportunity to know God better. As she has faced a myriad of health [...]


07: Is Jesus Really the Only Way to Heaven?

In this episode, Kenny clearly points out the Bible verses and passages that give us confidence that Jesus really is the only way to get to heaven. Highlighted Passages: John 11:25 John 8:24 John [...]