242: Is There Such a Thing as “The One” Person to Marry?

Romantic relationships can be complicated, even under the best of circumstances, but they get even more complicated when flawed philosophies and bad theology are thrown into the mix. One of the [...]


219: How to Know if Someone is Truly Saved?

There are many people who claim that they are Christians, but is it possible to determine if they truly are Christians? Can you know if they are genuine followers of Jesus? Have they truly been [...]


191: How to Tell a Friend Their Church is Unbiblical?

In this episode, Kenny answers a question from a regular listener about talking to friends who may be a part of a church that is preaching heresy or being unfaithful to Biblical texts. In [...]


175 : Why Should Women Change Their Name When They Get Married?

It has been a typical practice in North America for women to change their last name when they get married. Is this a Biblical practice? If not, would it be wrong if a woman doesn’t change [...]


113: Should Christians Date Non-Christians?

In this episode, Kenny addresses a question that he has been asked many times over the course of his ministry experience. Often young Christians have asked him whether or not they should jump [...]


112: Is It Okay to Skip Church and Just Watch the Live Stream?

Along with the expansion of new technologies and new media forums, has also come the availability of new Christian media too. One of the forums that has grown in popularity and availability over [...]


79: Why Homosexuality Is Not Just an “Issue”? with Dr. Preston Sprinkle

In this episode, Kenny interviews author, speaker, and college professor Dr. Preston Sprinkle about homosexuality, but more specifically about how Christians ought to engage with people who [...]


77: What About Sex Toys? with Dr. Corey Allan

In this episode, Kenny interviews Dr. Corey Allan for a second time. This time they talk about “sex toys” and how married couples can approach the topic of being “diverse” [...]


65: Is it Wrong to Live Together Before We’re Married?

The question answered herein this episode comes from a regular listener, after he listened to episode 55: Why Does Sexual Purity Matter? His questions is about cohabitation before marriage. Many [...]


63: How Should Christians Properly Judge?

Many of us have heard someone say, “Don’t judge me!” or “Only God can judge me!” Should we, as Christians, follow those sorts of requests? Kenny answered this question in a previous [...]

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