227: Is Oral Sex Sinful?

The most frequent questions that Kenny gets (both from podcast listeners as well as from some of the young people that he has mentored) are typically related to the topic of sex. One frequently [...]


226: Is Nudity Always Sinful?

Multiple times throughout his ministry career and throughout his correspondence with regular listeners of the podcast, Kenny has been asked about nudity in media, in the arts, and in our society [...]


216: Should I Ever Attend a Same-Sex Wedding?

Mainstream views on homosexuality have shifted significantly in contemporary society over the past decade. Being homosexual is viewed as being perfectly normal, and even celebrated, by many [...]


214: Should We Get Angry When We’re Labeled Bigots for Our View on Homosexual Behavior?

Contemporary western society is becoming increasingly more hostile towards the Gospel and increasingly more accepting of alternative lifestyles. People who stand for traditional Biblical morality [...]


213: Is Homosexual Behavior Unique From Other Sins?

The cultural stigma around homosexuality has lessened significantly over the past few years in Western society, but certainly still remains. And the cultural stigma that is around homosexuality [...]


212: Is It Wrong to Hate Homosexuality?

There has been a moral revolution in America over the last few years, changing how people view homosexuality and other related topics. One recent expectation is the idea of complete [...]


80: Can Gay People Go to Heaven?

A regular listener of the podcast sent in an email asking, “Can gay people go to heaven?” This is a question often asked when people read 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 where it states that a [...]


79: Why Homosexuality Is Not Just an “Issue”? with Dr. Preston Sprinkle

In this episode, Kenny interviews author, speaker, and college professor Dr. Preston Sprinkle about homosexuality, but more specifically about how Christians ought to engage with people who [...]


78: Why is Homosexuality a Sin?

In this episode, Kenny clearly explains why God labels homosexuality as a sin. Kenny starts the episode apologizing to any person who identifies as gay who has been mistreated by Christians. [...]


77: What About Sex Toys? with Dr. Corey Allan

In this episode, Kenny interviews Dr. Corey Allan for a second time. This time they talk about “sex toys” and how married couples can approach the topic of being “diverse” [...]

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