244: Will People From All Denominations Go to Heaven?

In this episode, Kenny answers the question: Will people from all Christian denominations go to heaven, or will only certain ones, with the right doctrine, be saved in the end? This can be a [...]


232: What is Heterodoxy?

Within Christian theology, heterodoxy has typically been explained as any Biblical interpretations or Christian doctrines that are different from the official or orthodox positions of the church [...]


231: What is Heresy? How Should Churches Deal with Heretics?

Traditionally, heresy has been said to be any belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious dogma and is profoundly at odds with what has generally been accepted. In this episode, Kenny [...]


208: What Does it Mean to be “Orthodox”?

In this episode, Kenny explains the concept of being “orthodox” and why we ought to evaluate the beliefs that were embraced by previous generations of Christians.


181: Should Doctrine Impact How You Choose A Church?

Many people have faced the choice: Which church should my family and I attend? When we are faced with this question, there are many elements that impact and influence our decision. In this [...]


164: How Should We Decide What is and is Not a “Closed-Hand” Issue?

On every major issue, doctrine, or point of theology, there are a variety of views and perspectives. Even within Protestantism there are many differing opinions and conclusions. In episode 101, [...]


136: What Does It Mean to be Confessional?

In this episode, Kenny answers the question, “What does it mean to be confessional?” In essence, Kenny explains how subscribing to, or fully affirming, an historical confession can be [...]


101: Is Every Area of Theology of Equal Importance?

Is every area of doctrine important? Or are there areas of doctrine that matter more than others? Yes, every area is important, but not every area of doctrine is of equal importance. Some issues [...]


92: What’s the Difference Between Prescriptive and Descriptive Bible Passages?

In this episode Kenny explains the difference between prescriptive forms of writing in the Bible and descriptive forms of writing in the Bible. When we misunderstand the style of writing we run [...]


85: What is the Role of the Holy Spirit?

There is much confusion in the modern church about the Holy Spirit. One of the greatest gifts God has given us is His Holy Spirit; it is an absolute privilege to have God with us all the time. In [...]

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