What is an Unreached People Group?

Radical (by David Platt)

What’s Your Motivation For Your Mission Trip?

How to Prep for My Mission Trip? (Embracing A Missional Attitude)

How to Share Your Own Personal Story

How to Communicate Through an Interpreter

The Gospel

What is the Gospel? (by Jeff Durbin)

What is the Gospel? [Part 1]

What is the Gospel? [Part 2]

What is the Gospel? (Matt Chandler)

“Jesus Wants the Rose” (Matt Chandler)


The Doctor’s Skit

Chicken Skit

The Heart Skit

The Sin Chair

Evangelism Training

Intro to Evangelism Training

Why Do We Start With the “Bad News” First?

Bad News, Goods News Gospel Presentation (by Kenny Ortiz)

•”Bad News, Good News” Cheat Sheet

Bad News, Goods News Gospel Presentation (from Evantel)

Missions Videos

“Missions” (John Piper)

You Were Made for Global Missions (John Piper)

God’s Heart for the Nations: Facing A Task Unfinished

Biblical Basis of Missions

What is a Trader?


Effective Communication

Effective Confrontation

Captaining & Coaching Your Team

Art of Making Disciples

Expectations of a Team Leader